SXSW Day 3

March 19, 2010 in Archive, Blog, History, SXSW 2010

Today’s the day! It’s time for the NiCad showcase!
We started it off with heading back up to the convention center and talking to some A&R agents from some really interesting labels. We spoke with the guys from Rough Trade Records, Sona Blast, and Mint Records. They were very friendly and said they would give our demo a listen. There was a gigantic screen from Spinner set up at the entrance of the hall and we found a way to hack it and put an announcement of our show that night.

After the meets and greets, we decided it was a good idea to get a quick, much needed, power nap in before the show. We got our energy back within a couple of hours and quickly became very eager to play! We arrived at the venue, Friends, around 5 p.m. to get in a good sound check before the show. The guys from the venue were friendly and helpful and we got everything set up a good hour before the show. So, we had a complete and total sound check. It kind of reminded me of our tours in Israel… relaxed and comfortable. While we were sound checking, my Dad arrived from Indianapolis for the show. It was a perfect setting for a perfect night.

The show felt really good. We had a great response from the audience, and all the guys from Crossing Border showed up, as well as most of the bands we came with. It was so nice playing in front of so many familiar faces. By this point, we’re really getting to know everyone.

After the show, we all ate a true gigantic Tex-Mex meal that couldn’t be beat and we didn’t get up until the next morning.