SXSW Day 1

March 17, 2010 in Archive, Blog, History, SXSW 2010

We have landed in Austin, Texas!! It’s been an adventure, but we have finally arrived.

The flight over was really cool, minus a few bumps along the way. All the bands that are playing spent 10 hours together on a straight flight from Schipol to Houston and we got some really nice treatment from the airline we flew with, Continental. They even reserved an extra plane for us to fly on from Houston to Austin because there were so many of us. That was very kind of them, right? Well, that’s what we thought until we arrived in Austin to discover that the flight was reserved for us, but not our luggage. When we arrived in Austin, no one from the airline knew where any of our bags were and we just had to sit and wait as the other flights arrived. “Hopefully”, they said, “everything will arrive on the following flights”.

Everything arrived for everyone, except for me, Kyle. I put all of our promotional material in my luggage and now, here we are at SXSW, and we have no cds, presskits, or fliers… and we’re still waiting!!

But there is some good news…

On the flight from Houston to Austin, a lady from a booking agency in London was told to get on our flight without a boarding pass. She was flying with a different airline that had accidentally overbooked her flight. So they said, “Just go.” She got on the plane and found an empty seat next to me. She has a lot of good connections in England and is especially interested in experimental music. Her and I hit it off really well and now she’s coming to check out the show on Friday. So it’s true, SXSW is truly a great place to meet people in the music biz… even before you arrive!

Regardless of all the confusion with the luggage, yesterday we performed a simplified set in Maggie Mae’s with all the bands from Crossing Border and it was a total blast! Free beer, friendly people, and great music. We were mixed in with some bands from other places that were booked through the festival itself and we had a nice time talking with them. After the show, we went to the artist lounge and received our “band kit” filled with a festival guide, earplugs, pens, magazines, cds, key chains, condoms… yes, they actually gave us condoms.

We’ll update more soon, as we go through this wonderful adventure.
Tot straks!