NiCad x NEuE: Close

February 21, 2014 in Featured, Music Video

NiCad x NEuE

NiCad and New European Ensemble (NEuE), two recognized international music groups based in The Hague join forces to create a show that explodes the boundaries between Rock, Contemporary, and Live Electronic music

music by NiCad x NEuE
written by Gilad Woltsovitch
arranged by Satoshi Shiraishi
cinematography by HEE-MAN.NL

NiCad (
Kyle Timon Dukes (Vocal, Acoustic Guitar)
Satoshi Shiraishi (Guitar, Electronics)
Josef Rebbe (Synthesizer)
Roberto Garretón (Bass)
Augustas Baronas (Drums)

New European Ensemble (
Rada Ovcharova (Violin)
Emlyn Stam (Viola)
Wilem Stam (Cello)
Ryanne Hofman (Clarinet)
Hanna Shybayeva (Piano)