April 1, 2013 in About

NiCad was formed in 2004 and consists of musicians from all over the world: Satoshi Shiraishi (Japan), Gilad Woltsovitch (Israel), Roberto Garretón (Chile), Kyle Timon Dukes (America), and Josef Rebbe (Germany). The diverse musical and cultural backgrounds of its members has kept NiCad’s music dynamic and out-of-the-box with lyrics that appeal straight to the heart.  They have been described as having “… the raw sound of the Pixies, but also the dynamics of Radiohead, Bob Dylan’s protest and the happy note of a young international Dutch band.”

With the release of their second album “The Hill” and subsequent awards such as the “Grote Prijs van Zuid Holland (2008)” and “Beste Haagse Album 2008″, NiCad has become widely recognized by the Dutch audience and has gained the reputation of being THE international rock band of The Hague. NiCad even represented The Hague’s pop music scene at the world’s largest music festival, “South by South West” in Austin, Texas in 2010.

NiCad has brought their music to the global stage with a number of tours, namely throughout Europe, Israel and the United States. Being an international band on an international stage helps remind NiCad they are more than just a band. They bring together different cultures and communities. They make music simply because they want to leave behind something meaningful, something good.  These feelings and emotions are translated into eleven lyrical stories on NiCad’s third album: “For the Good”.