2008 Album of the Year

January 1, 2009 in Awards, History, Press, The Hill

Last night, during the annual Festival Winner 1818 Fund, for the tenth time the Hague best album of the year chosen by a selection of pop culture journalists Hague. This year the widely acclaimed album ‘The Hill’ by the band NiCad was elected. 3VOOR12 Hague spoke with frontman Kyle Timon Dukes on the phone from Germany.

“We are in the clouds. It’s a bit of recognition we really happy to receive but did not really expect. We were especially pleased with the artistic content of the CD, but had our doubts about the mix. The CD is not in an official studio, but in several places including at home. Ultimately we are happy with the end result. ”

Nicad’s album ‘The Hill’ was selected from a total of 61 albums released Hague. The journalists say the CD was daring and very mature “called” by an international sound almost un-Hague “. “NiCad is experimental but still very accessible.” In the Top 3 of Hague Best CDs of 2008 and No. 2 is the debut album ‘Love = The Drug’ from HSLHFF and in third place finished the new album ‘Leather On My Soul’ of the group Hallo Venray. The following pop culture journalists have compiled the list: Nico Heem Laar (AD Haagsche Courant), Gerard van den IJssel (Hague Pop Podium at the Hague FM), Rob Vondracek (Stork On Air on Radio West), Remco van der Ham (3VOOR12/Den Hague) and Pauline Aarts (The Posthoorn).

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