Asado / BBQ

June 16, 2009 in Blog, History

Last weekend, we invited all the people that are making our US tour happen to an Argentinean style bar-b-que.

I would like to call it an Asado, but it turned out to be more like a gigantic 5 kilo slab of meat that I turned into rubber.
I guess I learned what happens to meat on the barby when your having too much fun at the party.

Nevertheless, Josef’s BBQ fish and squid was fantastic, Gilad made an amazing marinated chicken-ka-bob,

and Fanny started us off with a delicious pumpkin soup.

We also would like to introduce our new sound engineer, Ernst, who will be playing more the part of a new musician in NiCad:

And our tour manager, Evelien (on the phone):

We’re really looking forward to this upcoming tour. With our new team, we’re ready to bring NiCad to the next level!
This party showed us how well we all get along, and brought us all to the same page.
That is, until they crucified Eric at the end of the night. Click here to see the vid.


Thanks to everyone who came!
We really had a blast that night. Even the bumps, bruises, and headaches the next morning were worth it.
Here are some more images from the evening:
Danny waiting for me to get off the phone.

Lars and Peisam will be with us in NYC!
Roberto’s dad, all the way from Chile

Olof and Natasha, it was an honor!

Eric getting his game on our new artist, Max.
I should’ve gotten a better picture of Jeroen…

… and Jasper
… and Hans and Marco.
… as well as everyone else who was there.